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WHA D BLOCK!? Pt.2 – On d Block (a.k.a. Uses of Blockchain)

You’ve now read the first installment in this series (RIGHT??). To recap: blockchain is a digital decentralized database that is transparent and immutable (dictionary.com is your friend).
Traditionally equated to cryptocurrency, there is much more to the technology, due to its structural benefits. Below we explore blockchain’s potential!

Curbing those Cookie Cravings – The Future of Ad-Tech.

According to the Digital 2020 report, Google alone accounts for 80% of the traffic from Caribbean consumers. So, for Caribbean businesses that depend heavily on a solid online strategy to grow their business, Google’s announcement to do away with cookies by 2022 could cause some serious tabanca.💔

Celebrities branding pushing 'head' in Caribbean weed industry.

Well as you may know, American pop stars are diversifying their portfolios with weed agronomy, with celebs putting their names, reputations and cash where their pot mouths are. A new fraternity of actors, musicians and athletes is rising to endorser ranking like Marley, Tosh, Banton and the Ganja Planter himself, Marlon Asher. Shifting legalization in the US is affording degrees of economic legitimacy and consumer confidence that are moving marijuana towards mainstream profits backed by star power.

Caribbean Time and Twine

You know we have the rep. It’s even named after us – Caribbean Time, 🌞 It’s the way we Caribbean folks have about getting around to something about two hours after we’re really supposed to have got around to it. We do it at home, in business, in leisure – you name it. It’s a kind of “Whey yuh worryin’ for – ent ah reach?” attitude that speaks to both off-handedness andjoie de vivre.

WHA’ the Block - Blockchain series

If you’ve been online or around anyone who has been online in the past 10 years, you’ve undoubtedly heard of cryptocurrency and might have heard of the technology that enables its existence – blockchain.

Before we get into crypto though, it helps to have an understanding of blockchain.

When you have that, you’ll realise how much MORE than crypto can be supported, especially aspects of life that are *very* relevant to us in the Caribbean, like voting and land ownership.  😲

Who doesn't love cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies?
In an era where everyone is trying to be more health conscious, news of Google’s decision to do away with cookies by 2022 sounds like it's right on trend...right? Except these aren’t the type of cookies that add a few extra pounds; these babies have fueled the multi-billion-dollar ad-tech industry 📈 for the past decade.

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